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Outsource your projects from E-nova


Our business located in India, in New Delhi,coupled with a French management team allows us to offer services at unbeatable prices. Thus, for all projects we manage, we garantee respect of deadlines and specifications (which may be written en French or English).

You will always be in touch with French interlocutors to avoid any communication gap throughout the duration of the project, and to manage the project on site as you would have done in normal times. Our strengh is clearly our French know-how qui nous permet de vous garantir une qualité de service supérieure which allows us to garantee a quality of services higher or equal to what you can find in Europa, at costs which are between 4 to 10 times cheaper !


E-nova is an Indian IT services company led by two French persons. This enables us to make you benefit from an interlocutor and a French management team

E-nova saves your IT projects


Rescue project has become one of our specialities. In fact, quite a few delocalised projects fail for various reasons. Developing a site abroad implies a certain number of factors which are often forgotten including differences in: language, communication codes, work values, level of training of engineers, time and deadline nexus, and so on... Outsourced projects fail many a time because of a set of many factors. A fluidity in communication and an understanding of both French and Indian cultures soare essential assets to the success of outsourced projects.

We intervene at this level, by providing on one hand experienced French technicians located in India as contacts to facilitate communication processes, and on the other hand Indian development teams that possess an international work experience for the best development quality.

We take charge of your projects, at their initial stage of design or after a failure, by intervening on spot as intermediary or by taking charge of their (re)development in our premises.