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Our team will advise you for your IT projects


We work not only for end customers but also for French web agencies which work themselves with end customers.

Amongst our clients are retailers of small and medium size, web agencies, freelancers or web-designers. We allow you to subcontract a part of or all your activity.

We work on Open Source technologies such as Drupal, Magento, Open-ERP, WorldPress, CMSMS and CakePHP.

We also collaborate with European companies for projects where we act as subcontractors : we offer you the possibility to insert our service on your website without mentioning neither our label nor our origin.

We propose our qualified resources too (senior developer ou partner) for in-house and package services.

 • In-house services will enable you to find, for a precise project, our specialised staff : it will know how to bring the necessary technical competencies for a fixed term.

 • For package services, we take care of part or all your project by being committed both on the costs and the delays.

The reasons for wich you need to subcontract with E-nova. :

1) Quality insurance through respect of standards.

2) Maximize your incomes

3) Reduce your expenses

4) Focus on your core business

5) Fast deadlines

6) Saving of time, infrastructure, sofware and technology, training costs.

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