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First, see it !

What is jMyCarousel?

jMyCarousel is a free, highly customizable, non obstrusive carousel written in javascript, based on jquery, and created to suit any need. It enables to display a list or gallery of images in a dynamic way. It can be adapted very easily to any layout, and the way it animates the picture is adaptable. It provides the following features :

  • size configuration in pixel, percent, and number of pictures
  • interchangeable buttons
  • circular animation
  • scrolling element by element or by event
  • customizable event
  • cross browser compatibility : Firefox1.5+, Internet Explorer6.0+, Safari2.0+, Opera9.0+

And all this takes only 4Kb !

Why another carousel?

Yes, a lot of carousel running with JQuery are already available. However, we have decided to write jMyCarousel to suit our own needs as we were developing a website that needed a carousel which was able to scroll photos in a linear way (not one by one) and having 100% width. After implementing those features, we decided that we should make a customizable carousel suiting everyone's need, as we had already estabished a good base. This is how jMyCarousel was born !.

How does it work?

It works only with a few lines of code :

see the files to insert
see the javascript code
see the html code